Rodrigo Duterte Is Being Tagged By The Japanese Media As The Philippines' Donald Trump! WHY?

It is for real that Duterte has become the talk of town after he comes first in different surveys. In fact, some people even say that Duterte's name is probably the most common name that you'll hear from the voters, when it comes to their presidential bet.

But then, did you know that Duterte isn't just popular in the Philippines, but also in other countries?

Recently, a Facebook post showing a couple of photos that were taken from a Japanese media circulated online.

In the said post, it was revealed that Duterte also caught the attention of the Japanese Media. In fact, they even call the Davao City as the Philippines' little Japan.

In a separate post, it was stated that Duterte was actually compared to America's Donald Trump and that he's being tagged as the Philippines' Donald Trump!

Source: Viral4Real

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