Saudi Millionaire Was Charged Not Guilty Of Violating A Teen After Saying That He 'Accidentally Pene*rated*

In Southwark London, a 46-year-old Saudi Millionaire was charged not guilty of a rape complaint after claiming that he tripped over this teenager and accidentally 'pene*rated' on top of her.

The man was identified as Ehsan Abdulaziz, a millionair and a property developer in Saudi. His main defense is that he fell on top of the 18-year-old complainant and he accidentally pene*rate where in his manhood was poking out of his undergarments.

Meanwhile, the teenager filed the complain and stated that she woke up in the middle of the night only to find out that the man was actually forcing himself to enter inside her.

However, this man keeps on insisting that he's innocent and that never happened aside from his accidental falling on top of this woman.

What's more surprising in this story is that the assigned judge named Judge Martin Griffiths allowed to hear the suspect's evidence for 20 minutes, in a private conversation which is quite a rare ruling in their court.

Do you think that the judgement was fair enough?
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