She Starts To Put Cabbage Leaves On Her Chests Before Feeeding Her Baby, How She Felt Was Indeed Amazing!

Aside from being an ingredient used in many dishes, cabbages can be used as a relief for the engorgement of the chests of women after they had delivered their child. Engorgement is needed for the mothers because having too much milk on the chest is painful for them. It means that the milk is already overflowing. 

It makes the chest firm and swollen making it painful to feed the baby. 

Here are the things that you needed to remember:
- Put some cold compress on the affected area. 
- Never touch the tip and don't let the clothes touch it. 
- Don't squeeze out the milk. 
- Don't shower with hot water. 

But did you know that the sulfur in the amino acid methionin that can be found on the Cabbage leaves makes an extra flow on the blood of the bre@sts. 

Leave the cabbage leaves on a room temperature or put some chilled over to the chests. It will remove the pain that you are feeling.

Source: BreastFeedingPopcornDaily

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