Teen King Daniel Padilla Finally Speaks Up On His Increasing Bashers During The Election Period!

Eversince the photo of the star couple Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo surfaced online, many people could not help themselves from reacting on the said issue.

It has become an eye-opener for the young actor that every single thing that you do could have an effect to what is happening. 

The numbers of their bashers increased as they have allegedly 'violated' some of the rules of the COMELEC when it comes to voting. There were photos of them voting inside the polling precinct and Kathryn Bernardo was even wearing a shirt and a baller with the name of the candidate and that is prohibited by the law. 

Now, Daniel Padilla finally reacts on the issue by saying that it is sad that the war between the politics has become a personal matter to all.

Source: PEP

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