The Truth Behind The Lovers Who Met Through COC Was REVEALED!

The whole online community was indeed left in shock after the story of a couple who allegedly met through an online game called "COC" went viral online.

Now, the woman in the said photo who was identified as Althea Beruya Ronquillo has revealed that she's indeed in a relationship with the man in the photo who was identified as Pat Esconde. However, she denied the rumors that they met through COC, she even clarified that they don't even play such mobile app.

She then stated that they used to be workmates in Makati wherein their friends teased them towards each other. She then rides on their game by asking Pat to accompany her to her home in Taguig before he goes hime in Alabang. This has been the daily routine of Pat.

Until Althea was amazed by the efforts of Pat so she ended up replying YES to Pat after he asked her throught a text message saying "Sana akin ka nalang."

And to clarify it, they don't have a baby and the baby on their profiles was actually the younger brother of Althea.

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