The Truth Behind The "Mysterious Golds" Of Marcos Was REVEALED!

It is for real that a lot of people are accusing of the Marcos Family of stealing all the golds of the Philippines during Ferdinand Marcos' regimen. But what they all didn't know is that there's a deeper reason why those golds vanished

People kept on wondering why the Philippines is still a poor country despite that the gold reserves of the Philippines are in the collateral account of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

But then, it was recently revealed that the Philippines is still a poor country because the money in this world is based on the Debt Bonds and not on the Gold that a country has. Meaning, as the money is being printed, its value decreases.

If the GOLD BASED CURRENCY will be brought back, then the Philippines will be one of the richest country in the world.

The woman named Atty. Karen Hudes who worked for the World Bank for 21 years has revealed that the only way for the accounts to be opened is to base the currency with gold, silver and precious gems.

Watch the video for more information!

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