This Woman Was Buying Her Meal In McDonald's,When She Saw This Crew She Started Crying. Why? You Need To See This!

Many elder people who are at the age of 80 and up just wanted to stay at home, sitting in their favorite chair but this is not the case for Madam Goh Gwek Eng

She is dubbed as the world's eldest McDonald's crew. At her age of 92, she still managed to serve and work at the brank of McDonald's in Bedok Bus Interchange in Singapore. This workplace is 20 minutes of walking away from home. 

Madam Goh spent most of her like taking care of her husband, 5 kids and grandchildren. She did not complain or whine about a single thing. After all of her kids got married, she got restless. She wanted to do something for her own. 

She started working back in 1998 with the help of one of her grandchildren. Now, she is a part of the kitchen crew while she enjoys it. It also gives her a sense of self-worth. 

This woman claims that as long as she is healthy, she wanted to do this job.
Source: Straitstimes

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