This Filipina Young Girl Was Brought Back To Life Before She Was Buried! Unbelievable!

It is for real that the social media is filled with a lot of bizarre stories that are quite unbelievable.
Now, a story of a lifeless girl who was brought back to life has caught everyone's attention. 

A young girl from was pronounced dead by a doctor in Aurora, Zamboanga Del Sur. But then, they were left in total shock after she was brought back to life when it's time for her to have her final mass before burying her.

When the body of the little girl was about to be blessed in the church, they were shocked because the little girl suddenly moved and suddenly gained pulse.

Because of what happened, they decided to bring the little girl back to the hospital where she was pronounced dead, but then nothing happened because the doctors in the said hospital insisted that the little girl is already lifeless.

And now, the parents of this young girl wants to bring her to a bigger hospital after claiming that the young girl is still alive.

Source: PopCornDaily, GMA

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