This Man Thought That He Was All Alone In The Bathroom Of The Nightclub, Take A Closer Look In The Mirror, SHOCKING!

Have you ever been to a night club? Inside that establishment, you will see tons of people who are taking in alcohol. There are already a lot of posters and advertisements which reminds them not to drive while they are under the influence of alcohol

However, there are still many people who tends to forget all these reminders of not driving while they are under the influence of alcohol

The people behind We Save lives decided to spice things up to another level as they had to bring another campaign to the public about Driving Under Influence.

They took the help of Kris Caudilla who is a 26-year-old man in the prison after deciding to drive under the influence. He crashed onto a deputy that resulted to his death. Now, he has to serve 15 years in the prison. 

His goal was to speak to the patrons of the bar to share the story that happened to him. It surely open up their minds.

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