This Woman's Face Was Slashed With A Sharp Blade By Her Own Best Friend! The Reason Will Shock You!

Recently, a woman who was slashed with blade on her face has captured the attention and sympathy of many netizens! 

A woman named Flower Zoe Geronimo posted the photos of a woman with deep slashes on her face that was cut by a sharp blade.

The victim was then identified as Haynna Medina and that the suspect who slashed her face was actually her best friend.

According to some stories online, Haynna's best friend named Nicole Ortega Cruz got jealous and insecured over Haynna's beauty so she ended up ruining her best friend's face.

Meanwhile, there are other stories claiming that one of the reasons why Nicole beat up Haynna is because of a guy.

The netizens then started posting hate comments regarding this story. In fact, they are even requesting Haynna to push this case and to seek help from the authorities. But then, Haynna clarified it that Nicole can't be punished by authorities cause she's only 17 years old.

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