TNP Released An Official Statement Towards The Spammers Using And Ruining The Name Of The Page!

There are a lot of people who have been constantly ruining the name of the site, Trending News Portal. Some people just wanted to see the site go down. 

There is an incident that happened where the name of Trending News Portal was used and tried to become a sponsor article about Sandro Marcos. But if you click on the said link, it will take you to a different page. They are using the name and works of TNP for their spam links to get the attention of the social media users. 

In line with that, the management of Trending News Portal wanted to clarify that our site is legit. We wanted to say that we are not the ones producing the spam links. 

This should serve as a warning to the TNP avid readers to pay attention to the links that you are bound to click and don't trust easily because those might be one of the spam links

This is the difference between the page and postings of the spammer of Trending News Portal. As you can see, there are tons of similarities when it comes to the appearance. But the only thing that you needed to check is the website located below.

In the photo of the fake one, you can see the PHFUNNY.COM website below the title of the article. When it comes to the articles of the original site, you will always see the words TRENDINGNEWSPORTAL.COM | BY TNP-TRENDING NEWS PORTAL

To be sure that the link belongs to TNP, kindly visit our page directly at

Kindly help us report these sites who are copying our page:

If you see other sites who looks suspicious, contact us directly through our page or e-mail us directly. We are willing to cooperate with you. 

Reminder, these are the original accounts related to Trending News Portal:

Visit and follow our website: Trending News Portal

© Trending News Portal

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