Vice Ganda Bashed By KathNiel Fans Because Of His Latest Tweet! Why? Read This!

In line with the controversies about the taking of photos inside the polling precincts, Vice Ganda shared his experience when he was there to vote. 

On his tweet, the comedian said that the principal of the school where he casted his vote was asking him to take a selfie inside the room. The good thing is that the he was able to refuse the offer of the principal to take his photo as an evidence that he was already done voting. 

Another tweet was posted by Vice Ganda. It was the tweet that was saying that the KathNiel fans are bashing him right now saying that his post was pertaining to the issue of KathNiel when they took their photos inside the polling precinct.

Vice then said that he was not talking about the loveteam for what he did. All he wanted to say is that there is a choice to say no when you know that what they are asking you to do is wrong.

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