VIRAL: Baron Geisler Attacking A Helpless Student Inside The Campus! Shocking!

A viral video of Baron Geisler once again caught the attention of the netizens. He again went beast mode on against a student who was a part of the production team. 

According to one of the students names Khalil Versoza, they paid Baron Geisler to portray a role in their production. However, there was a slight fault that occured which resulted to their team to give the script to Baron a little late. 

But they already apologized for the delay and gave the script early in the morning to make sure that he can still prepare.

They did not expect the reaction of Baron to be like this. He attacked one of the students by wrapping him around his arms. The student could not hit back because of the situation. 

They immediately shared the video to make sure that the actor will be taught a lesson. The side of Baron Geisler has not released a statement about this video yet.

Source: Facebook

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