VIRAL: GF Creates A Video For Her Boyfriend! The Ending Isn't What You Expected!

A popular couple online has once again captured the attentions of the netizens after their video went viral online! 

Just like any other girl would do, this female netizen named Erika Mae Balagtas created a slideshow of her photos with her boyfriend Mark Aaron Hernandez who's also popular online.

The slideshow revealed their sweet and silly photos together. Some photos even show their bonding moments.

But then, this isn't actually the love story that you've been dreaming of. This is not like the rest.

The ending was indeed unexpected. The last part of the video says "The hardest part is...." and after that, a photo of her boyfriend kissing another man was unveiled.

A lot of people quickly reacted to this by saying that she deserves another man who could be true to her.

But then, she quickly stated that her boyfriend's gender isn't the problem here, but about the other woman of her boyfriend.
Source: Facebook, Posade

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