Viral: A Young Woman Was Humiliated, Shouted At And Punched By An Arrogant Man In A UV Express!

In this society, women are treated with respect. But there are some instances whereas, some men tend to forget that the ones who carried them for 9 months are also women. 

There are men who disrespected many people especially women in the society. Just like this man who was caught on camera as he was shouting and verbally violating the woman. 

In the post that was created by Soy Gonzales, she stated how the situation got into a point where the man shouted at the student named Joana Balen.

Before the man took off from the UV Express he punched the student. Luckily it only landed on her shoulder but it is still not right. 

The girl was traumatized leaving her crying on the said vehicle. This ill-mannered man should be thought a lesson.

Source: SoyGonzales, TheConfidentialFiles

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