Woman Nearly Passed Away After Her Hair Was Washed In A Salon. This Could Also Happen To You!

Most women love to get their hair washed at the salon because of the fact that it boosts up their confidence and makes them look good as well.

However, not all stories about having their hair washed at the salon is great. 

A particular woman named Elizabeth Smith suffered stroke after having her hair washed at her favorite salon. 

This happened because the angle and degree of the chair and the way her back was tipping over to the sink. The incident happened two weeks after she had her hair washed. 

According to the doctors, the neck of Elizabeth was bent backwards. It was hyper extended which resulted to a vertebrae artery to be sliced off. A blood clot happened and it resulted to stroke. 

Now, Elizabeth lost her vision and mobility. Almost $250, 000 were spent in her hospital bills hoping for a fast recovery. She has plans of suing the salon.

Source: Viral4Real

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