Woman Shoots Her 1-Year-Old Son And Husband In The Shower. The Truth Behind This Was Tear-Jerking!

Mothers serve as the number one fan of her family, she serves as their photographer who's willing to shoot everything that her family does and post it on social media.

Now, a mother named Heather Whitten recently posted a photo of her husband and her 1-year-old son who were both wearing nothing while sitting under the shower. 

Her post quickly caught the attention of the netizens and even resulted to them giving negative comments towards the said photo. Heather chose to shrug it because she knows that people are judging her without even knowing the story behind this photo.

After receiving lots of negative comments, the photo was then deleted by Facebook so she decided to repost the photo along with the powerful story behind it.

On the story that she posted, she revealed that during that time, her son was suffering salmonella poisoning and is terribly sick because of his high fever. They didn't know what to do until her husband decided to take their son in the shower to help lower down his fever and try to comfort him using words.

Heather claims that she has just noticed a beautiful scene and she wasn't able to control herself so she decided to grab her camera and take a shot of her husband and her son.

Read her full post here:

“I was just overwhelmed with the scene in front of me. This man. This husband and partner and father. He was so patient and so loving and so strong with our tiny son in his lap. His whispers of reassurance to Fox, that he would be ok and that Thomas would take care of him were so steady and so honest.“

“I was taken aback by how many people missed the story or didn’t even look past the nudity to find the story. They were just hung up on them both being nude and being in the shower. I had crossed a line. It was too intimate. It shouldn’t be shared publicly. But, I disagree.”

“You may never take images of your family like I do… you may never share images of your family like I do. But, that doesn’t give you the right to silence my voice. To take away my right to share our experiences in an uncensored way. There is nothing sexual or exploitative about this image. There aren’t even any “private parts” showing.”
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