Woman Was Seen Eating The Leftovers Inside A Fast Food Chain, What The Crew And Manager Did Will Surely Shock You!

The internet has been a place for touching stories that really moves the people online. 

A particular story involves this woman who was spotted eating the leftovers at a particular fast food chain in SM Bacolod that always reminds us to 'Be Happy'

Knowing that poverty is one of the main problems in the Philippines, there are a lot of people who are starving. 

A facebook user named Mimi Lizada Bhatti share the wonderful story that she have witnessed on the said store.

A woman who looks tired and hungry went inside the branch and approached a crew who was busy cleaning up the tables. The woman asked for the permission of the crew to eat the leftovers on the table. 

The crew left the woman and went to the store manager and security guard. 

The woman then was seen leaving the store. But the crew followed her asking for her to return.

To their surprise, there was a one-piece chicken meal waiting for her on the table. The manager paid for the meal and even gave a burger to her.

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